walk behind sweepers

walk behind sweepers
The best sweeper for dirt on the kitchen linoleum floor?

My husband is home after our workshop and office in the house to pick up dirt on his shoes in his walk. Shop from home several times a day around the end of the floor of my kitchen. It drives me nuts, I'm using. n sweep swiffer'vac that ok but i dont think it has attracted enough Really wake up Everything is dirty. The best sweeper in everyday use to get dirt what

I have a busy husband and my dog. I have ceramic tile floors. Around my house so I have to sweep every day. So I know that you mean "It drives me nuts." I finally resorted to buy a Roomba from www.irobot.com. I open when I go. Sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning on the floor and my dirt-free. I spent $ 175 purchase, it has all paid off. Just thought I'd give you food "idea."

IPC Eagle Power 510 Walk Behind Sweeper

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