It is possible to use the carburetor. vacuums are not drug addicts or not.

I just put the manifold carb edelbrock 355 and my Chevy, but the only thing that I have hooked up to it. Fuel lines, so I was wondering if I can drive my car around. 15 miles a day for 3 days until I get someone who knows what they will do anything to hook up all the vacuum lines? It is possible to drive with vacuums. All plug out?

Yes, ported vacuum vacuum is for the code available to boost mileage. Vacuum ports for other accessories. Such as door fan that uses a vacuum to move. Also, you should have a vacuum port for the various brake your power. Just make sure you block off the port. carb because of all the driving. Will be a lot of crap in the engine if you leave them open.

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