vacuum suction

vacuum suction
Who knows about sucking on the vacuum. 92 lumina? Mine has very little vacuum on drug pop off line VAC?

Was working on my 3.1 Chevy lumina 92 has been changed. fuel press reg, map sensor,. Plug wires, etc., but it is still a problem to display the code. 33, which is a map sensor, I took the vacuum line from the map sensor and vacuum and there is very little engine Is backfiring and is not working well. Any help?

There are many problems that can cause this code. Bad ECM, the ground is not good vacuum leak. I'm leaning towards a vacuum leak. Can try the machine, while the car carb running and spray around the pipes and valves. PCV sure everything is tight. Vacuum leak on these cars cause. flucuations revolutions per minute. High availability is not in use,. Running rough with a vacuum line that runs from. PCV fuel vapor amount to censorship to the back of the engine that pulls a vacuum fuel monitoring system. (I cannot rememebr what I'm apology evap terminolgy. The initial steps of memory). Loss following a long-shot systems. Sounds silly question by me. But as you are at high altitude or not. Code 33 is a Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit (High Sig.) MAP sensor pressure several times compared to the atmospheric pressure. If you are at the height of the low pressure, it measures a lot. And compensation is only in the case of high altitude compensation is a good thing. SENSOR, you may want to check next.

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