vacuum electrolux

vacuum electrolux
How good is the Electrolux EL6988A or similar canister vacuum cleaner?

I must honestly reply to this one in all fairness…Over many years we have used various vacuum systems including three different Central House vacs…which are quite expensive!
We held on to our first canister Electrolux for over 20+years NEVER having a problem or unhappy performance moment~ One time we had to buy a new vac hose for our electrolux and that was ALL we ever had to do~ Upon moving to Florida we chose purchasing store sold vacuums….Oooohh my goodness ALL the problems are not even worth going thru…Then an Electrolux rep came to our home from our inquiry call…the canister they were offering was $1500.00 and I was quite taken aback…However my husband was the one who said “HEY, with all our trials & errors purchasing other store bought vacs, why not just go back with Electrolux…”
Such purchase made my skin crawl….however over the years…we STILL are happy with our Electrolux even though we have an entire house central vacuum system! Yep, our Electrolux continues to please & perform the best as always… I may HATE the price to purchase BUT by golly the pleasure & service I continue to get from my Electrolux is undeniable…

Electrolux Ultrasilencer ZUSG3000, vacuum cleaner, 2009

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