vacuum cleaner hoses

vacuum cleaner hoses
My husband farted into vacuum cleaner pipe now home stinks when I have open in the ….?

How do I get rid of odor or not. Graham H in advance his men well, he's back! I will be soup and sandwiches with the game on Saturday by the way I feel kind of sorry responsible Do not know why.

OMG!! LMAO! How old is your husband? 2? He farted in the pipe that he thought … WTF? LOL!! I suggest that in addition to vacuum. (MAKE HIM DO THIS!!) And everything … laundry spray febreeze and maybe then some lysol .. pipe down and buy fresh carpet. (Powder) and put it in bags or cups. .. Any of you have a vacuum ..

Converting Older Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Hoses To Work On Newer Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

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