vacuum cleaner filters

vacuum cleaner filters
Clean filters in my vacuum cleaner. . ?

I tried out my new vacuum cleaner yesterday. Bagless vacuum cleaner is quite small and portable. When a filter, such as porous materials. (Rather than filtration cycle) and the instructions are not very clean about it. I did it by hand yesterday. But I feel like I am only the impurities distribution. All over the place. All comments other

My filter is so and try and get as much dirt out of it sometimes I need a tooth. Or something like that. gt it from the top and bottom corners, I use hot water over it and add a little detergent and scrub brush teeth and rinse it well and leave to dry my Vacuum with instructions o. Clean filters and how to do said. And instead of replacing every six months as recommended so I just cleaned after every three uses. But, after all. Use the dirt and I have nt to buy a new filter and I have a vacuum for Four years.

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