vacuum cleaner buying guide

vacuum cleaner buying guide
VAC is the best brand wet / Dry?

Hello everyone, I bought a vacuum cleaner wet dry / Clean for my mother to do some work around the house. The other is a little surprise, and I will buy. Could someone please inform me what is the best quality. good pricepoint? I am looking at the store. – VAC's hoarse, and some other brands. But, without any instructions. ผมเล็กในป่าเท่าที่จะซื้ออะไรดี! Thanks sooo! Av.

I had good success with Ridgid they are lightweight and I have my over six years with no problems. And I also use them at work, with no adverse effects from the abuse of multiple users. Six-gallon Ridgid VAC wet / dry will cost about $ 40.00 at Home Depot, they also have five gallons, it all depends on how big or small you want to visit.

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