vacuum cleaner bags

vacuum cleaner bags

Using Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Bags For A Cleaner Home

With the invention and subsequent popularity of vacuum cleaners in the turn of the 20th century, products pertaining to its use and maintenance also came to public attention. What used to be an ordinary carpet sweeper evolved into a household appliance complete with hoses, beater bars, filters, canisters and of course vacuum cleaner bags. The attachments themselves are in-demand commodities that undergo product development and design phase as well. Kirby vacuum cleaner bags are also constantly being improved using the latest filtration technology.

The Kirby vacuum cleaners came to the market with its contemporaries such as the Hoover and Bissell models. Kirby vacuum cleaners were designed by Jim Kirby for the Scott Fetzer Company in the early 1920s. However, the name Kirby was not popularized; it was only after the World War that Kirby vacuum cleaners became a household name. The Kirby vacuum cleaner is more popular for the design developed in the 70s known as the Kirby Classic. This design was widely known for its retro look reminiscent of the first model released in the 1900s. Kirby has maintained its competitive edge by providing consumers with a personal relationship and with quality vacuum cleaners that have power, versatility, and durability which comes with a price that is often higher than most of its competitors.

Early Kirby vacuum cleaner bags looked a lot more like golf bags that were cumbersome and hard to dispose of. New innovations in vacuum cleaners introduced the easily detachable bags that come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most leading brands is Kirby. The Kirby continues to manufacture state of the art vacuum clear parts that stand the test of time.

As Kirby is an industry leader in vacuum cleaners, it also dominates in the manufacture of vacuum cleaner bags. One can easily find Kirby vacuum cleaner parts and bags. The accessibility of vacuum cleaner parts and bags makes it easier to replace parts when certain mechanisms break down. Kirby vacuum cleaner bags now come with special filtering material that is equal to a HEPA filter. One thing to consider when choosing vacuum cleaner bags is how easy is it to replace them. As you use the vacuum cleaner, the dirt is sucked by the vacuum cleaner hose, this sometimes leave debris which gets trapped in the bags. Despite all the incorrect rhetoric removing a vacuum cleaner bag is a lot easier and less messy that empting a bag vacuum cleaner. The Kirby vacuum bags are efficient and effective at removing all the dust and pathogens from the vacuums exhaust.

Vacuum bags should always match the machine’s model. Purchasing and using one which is of a different brand may affect the filtration performance of the machine. Kirby vacuum cleaner bags are equal to top line of brands (Kirby, Dyson, Hoover, and Panasonic). Kirby vacuums are is a quality choice for household cleaning. If you do decide to buy a new vacuum cleaner it might be a wise choice to choose a Kirby. Durability and reliability are Kirby’s strongest points.

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