It is impossible to clean the carpet. .. ?

In my apartment it was all wood floors except the stairs and upstairs hall. Carpet is apparently the same carpet they use in Hotel .. and the most difficult thing in the world of cleaning. I have tried several vaccuums in it and will not be cleaned. I think I'm down on my hands and knees with a large brush,. What brush is like a hair out of carpets and dust and everything is located on top of it and do not want to come out. What can I do to clean it. .. It is not carpet, ฉansrban! It's so Ehnoa: (What do think?

Before you try to inject some shock when fixed in an area where I can adhere to. When I worked at the hotel, we will need. Sometimes, no matter if it was really dry. Otherwise, you may want to try a vacuum different. I personally love my Dyson, it will suck up anything. (Though what I do not want to suck up).

Monica vaccuuming

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