vaccum sweepers

vaccum sweepers
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I wonder what the sweep vaccum / who you are and if you like it or not, and if you know of good people. .. Any reason for this question. This category is BC better than to ask them. moms! Thanks … I have a son who is picking up much of the carpet, we have lost. Our BC succtions it .. thanks again.

I have the rainbow, and I absolutely love it. I have allergies and I can not be around. Any other vacuum, because they blow some amount of dust in the air to all. Rainbow uses water instead of bags and filters for the power vacuum has never reduced. It was really good if you have pets. – All I get out even deeper into the carpet. Disadvantage is a dump and clean. Bath water when you're done. But not a big deal. Still better to change the vacuum bag disgusting. (If you know the kinds of things are increasing over time, you will need. Are fed) are expensive, but I felt like I was worth every penny.

Karcher – KMR 1700 (Vacuum Sweepers ride-on)

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