upright vacuums

upright vacuums
What is the best upright vacuum cleaner?

I’m looking for a new vacuum & will probably go with an upright. I don’t really like the bagless kind because they seem messy. I do quite a bit of cleaning & want something that works well on bare floors also. What kind will last for years?
I’m not really interested in a Dyson. I use one every week at a cleaning job & there are some things I don’t like about it, namely that it’s bagless.

I work in a vacuum repair store, and for me, in my opinion, I would NEVER own a bagless. They are dirty to empty, cost quite a bit for all the filters, and seem to lose suction quickly. Now, the Dyson is advertising that they never lose suction, and while I never tried one, I know it is virtually impossible to get parts for it. My money, for a vac at/or under $200 is the Panasonic. If you are looking to spend about $300-$500 there is Sanitiaire or my new favorite:the Halo. It has great power AND a UV light under it that kills mites, fleas, etc in the carpet! It had a nation-wide price of $479. I am advertising it at Vet offices and Pediatrician offices… (BTW, I own a panasonic.)

Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum with Accessories

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