tristar vacuum bags

tristar vacuum bags
Where can I get my Tristar vacuum serviced?

Model: IEC tristar EXL complete

I bought it October 1999 and I need bags and could use servicing/maintenance.

I’m glad to know i’m not the only person in the world that has one of these shiny silver pigs!!! i found a “dealer” in dothan Alabama.
you can ship your machine to them, they will fix it, clean it, or what ever, bill you, and ship it back…or you can go another route.
i found another “dealer” in my area that sold bags…
look for “sew and vac” places in your area if these Web sites don’t help.
i feel assured most vacuum repair places can work on your “Wilbur”….
i felt kinda left out in the cold when the office i bought mine from CLOSED with no fwd. address….just gone!

Tristar Canister Vacuum

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