the best vacuum cleaner

the best vacuum cleaner
What is the best vacuum cleaner for hard floors (and short nape carpet)?

In my home, I have mostly vinyl tile and uncarpeted floors but I do have at least two bedrooms with carpet. Looking for a good vacuum without having to pay an arm and a leg. Also, tell me if bag or bagless, thanks.

The answers given are very good suggestions. I worked in service and sales when Hoover was still open. What I would recommend for for is not a particular vac, but can only advise on features to look for and consider when purchasing a new vacuum. First thing I would advise is for your situation is one that has brush roller control (you can turn it off or on for carpet and hard floor). Cheaper vacuums do not have this. Another thing to consider is that you have to know yourself. Often weight of the vac to be able to maneuver and push it around is an issue. All bagless vacs do have some type of filter to either clean and/or replace. Some HEPA filters cannot be rinsed. If you do decide bagless and get a rinsible filter, purchase 2 filters one to use while the other is drying.

I hope this help in your decision

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