What do you think about Kirby vaccums?

I dont have allot of money but Im tired of buying the 50 dollar Kmart specials that dont work with dog hair.

Is 200 to much to pay for a G3 or G4 upright Kirby on ebay, some are reconditioned as new. Do I need to spend more? Ive scene the Rainbows but I hate the smell.

200 is allot to me so I dont want to get burned esp. on a vaccum cleaner.

I had one. they are no better than any other vaccuum, they stop working correctly just like all the cheapies. I woudlnt buy another. Id rather buy a new cheap one every few years, then waste that much money on a new one, I payed 1,700. and the sales ppl are so pushy and they will not leave the house. Better to buy it online if you want one, yes. Instructive Game: Provocation, Flexibility, Exploiting Vaccums – Howell vs Carlsen

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