More attention to affect. vacuums or the speed of light.

If vacuums will increasingly affect the speed of light, then it may be a case where the light comes to us from "billions of Years ago "may not actually come from that far back? That is, what if the power that it must pass across the area. vacuums actually much easier and faster? So what. We think, say,. 4.5 billion years, may actually be one. 1.2 billion years?

I want to add that the above figures for the speed. Of light that you've heard that it was "in a vacuum" in a complete vacuum of the universe is only a slight fall short So close that you could say that it is "4.5. Billion. And weeks. " Even Tho I'm not sure that the dielectric constant of the vacuum of space, small imperfections are affected, which is lower than the speed of light.

Fun with a Vacuum – Science Theater 15

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