vaccum cleaners

vaccum cleaners
Sucked my valuables up in the vaccum need help getting them out?

I was vaccuming the house and for some reason I decided to clean the keyboard of my laptop with the vaccum. The vaccum was so strong that it pulled off one of the keys on the keyboard off and the key got sucked inside the vaccum. I freaked out because this wasn’t even my labtop. I also, can’t get it out because I dont have those vaccum cleaners that most people have but those in house vacumm cleaner that is attached to the house..

1. Do you think I can get it out?
2. Where is the main source that all the dirt and shit go too?

Yes,I think you are talking about an in house vacuum. Find where your empty the vacuum basement garage whatever. It looks like a bucket. It should be attached by metal hooks just take it off and go inside the tub. It will be a job and messy. I cleaned a house one time that had an in-house sweeper and it sucked one of my cleaning towels. It is a powerful vacuum. When using the vacuum there is ways to lighten the suction. It is the heart of the vacuum.

Electrolux 330 Automatic vacuum cleaner

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