electrolux vacuum bags

electrolux vacuum bags

EPIC 6500SR Vacuum Cleaner by Electrolux

The Electrolux 6500 vacuum cleaner is a effective vacuum that has lots of different functions, attachments, and uses. The power cord is 20 feet long, and ideal for moving all around your home without having to change outlets. On the top side of the body, there is a compartment where you can store attachments, so they are easily accessible while you’re vacuuming. The attachments that fit into the compartments are the combination dusting and upholstery tool, and the crevice tool. The crevice tool is ideal to clean hard to reach places, so you don’t miss any spots in your cleaning. The combination dusting and upholstery tool is one of the finest accessories around to clean your upholstery. This attachment can also make dusting your house much easier and cleaner. Normal dusting brushes just spread the dust into the air, filling your air with lung damaging particles, but the Electrolux 6500 vacuum can vacuum up the dust, removing those particles from your surfaces and your air. Along with cleaning rugs, the EPIC 6500SR can clean smooth surfaces, including hard wood, and linoleum. It comes with a deluxe floor tool that can attach to the end of the vacuum wand, which can replace your outdated broom. The Electrolux Sidekick II attachment is ideal for vacuuming stairs and other small carpeted spaces, its a mini version of the original carpet cleaning power nozzle. You just attach it to the end of the wand or the hose, and vacuum. It eliminates the hassle of trying to vacuum small steps with the large power nozzle, and helps you get your cleaning done faster and more efficiently. The Electrolux 6500 vacuum is very adjustable, so it fits with any cleaning job you have planned. The long wand that connects the hose to the power nozzle separates in two sections. To change the wand length, you simply push the small blue button at the top of the wand, and pull the section off. After you take off a piece, you can attach an accessory to the end of the now shortened wand. All of the tools mentioned can attach to the end of all of the wands, making your Electrolux 6500 vacuum fitting to any and all of your cleaning needs. Another way this vacuum adjusts to all of your cleaning needs is the Electrolux control valve dial on the top of the body. Depending on what type of particles your vacuum is taking in, you can adjust the dial to fit your job, and help you clean your house more efficiently.

To use the Electrolux 6500, you just have to attach your desired cleaning tool, plug the cord into an outlet and push the large power button on the upper side of the body. Once you push that button, the vacuum is on, but the power nozzle or SideKick is not. To turn the attachment on, you need to push the power switch that is located on the vacuum handle, and then you are ready to vacuum. It is very easy to change the vacuum bag in the Electrolux 6500, you just have to push a button on the side of the vacuum where the hose connects to the body. This makes the door open, and you simply remove the old bag and replace it with a new one. The Electrolux 6500 is very simple to operate, and is a very efficient cleaning machine. Maintenance is also a breeze since you can find Electrolux 6500 parts online.


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