Riccar J-66 RL466644?

I was given this machine to use in our ministry, I would like to know it’s value. It is solid metal and too heavy for us to be able to use and I would like to know it’s value so that I could sell it and purchase a unit that would be easier for our ladies to use. Any idea?

problem is heaviness. shipping cost limits your market so finding Way to sell it is problem. i do see two big vacumn cleaners for sale on eBay for a few hundred each but hard to say if they will sell without watching. best bet is maybe craigslist or a local commercial vendor (some may do it on consignment?).

here is craigslist:

careful when making ad at ur local craigslist, they Are free but once u find your city, then catagory selection is important because no duplicate ads allowed.

the ebay riccar items:

i noticed at ebay that some vacumns are pretty cheap. little ones go for 10. and up. so outright purchase might be possible if selling is a trouble?

about getting one you can use, maybe try http://www.freecycle.org/ because it is free stuff u get there. it is avoiding giving to landfills they are and org is worldwide; quite active it seems especially in the larger towns. i see all types of stuff go daily so it is supplies for needy people u might come across besides your vacumn that you can request. u do have to go pick the stuff up.

and also consider allocating heavy chore(s) to teen groups.

Dirt Devil Dynamite VS Riccar Supralite

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