floor scrubber sweeper

floor scrubber sweeper
vacuum/electric sweeper, yellow, has a button to switch between carpet and hard floors?

i burned up my mom’s little sweeper vacuum and i want to buy her another one just like it for mother’s day. she threw the old one out and i can’t remember what kind it was. it’s smaller and lighter than a typical carpet vacuum, it’s yellow, bagless, it did have a cord to plug in. there was a little black slider switch on the front/top that could switch modes between hard floors/carpet. it wasn’t a wet floor scrubber or anything. it was only dry. it had super suction! anyone know what kind it may have been?
it wasn’t a swivel sweeper or a dyson 🙂 it didn’t look like one of those swivel sweepers or anything, it looks like a small vacuum, it has the clear plastic canister that most bagless vacuums have that you take out and empty.


Duplex Salla Floor Scrubber Sweeper Vacuum

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