dyson vacuum cleaner parts

dyson vacuum cleaner parts
Am I the only person still running a Dyson DC01 Vacuum cleaner?

I’ve just checked how old the thing is and it’s 11 years old. I keep buying the replaceable parts, and the motor is still happy. I just wonder how long I still be able to replace the parts, and do the new ones, built outside the UK, have the same longevity? It’ll be a collectors item before long.
Yeah i just buy the bits off ebay and amazon, whoever is cheapest this week. I don’t see any point in buying a new machine while I can still fix it.

I’ve got a DC01, its well over 12 years old and all i’ve had to do is replace the soleplate/brush bar and the belt, it still works like a dream!! Ebay has spare parts for it if needed. I’m amazed its lasted so long with dogs, cats, birds and kids to vac up after, its been a trooper!!!

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