street cleaning equipment

street cleaning equipment
What does it take to pave a small suburban street?

I just wondered because our street and the “T” at the end of our street were supposed to be paved in summer 2005. Since then they’ve brought in lots of heavy equipment about 6 months ago, cleaned the streets at least once a week (not during winter). Sometimes a bunch of guys show up and run the heavy equipment from dawn to sunset, but they never actually move it, they just run it while standing around smoking and drinking coffee.

I don’t work in construction so I may be confused, but it sure is a complicated process to pave a road, isn’t it?

PS: I had NO idea what category to put this under so, here ya go!

It sounds like the project is still on budget. If a trailer is delivered in the next month or two and you see women in fishnets and stiletto heels coming and going from there while the men are enjoying their ‘coffee and cigarettes’, it will only take another year or two for them to complete the job. Apparently you live in an area where either the politicians or the construction bosses are aware of petty larceny, but haven’t discovered outright graft. Once the paving contract runs to roughly ten times the budget that was accepted the job will commence. At that point it should take roughly 48 hours to complete.

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