dyson vacuums

dyson vacuums
pros and cons of Dyson vacuums?

i have a Dyson Drive vacuum cleaner and ive heard good and bad about them (Dyson in general). could SOMEONE THAT HAS USED THEM OR KNOWS SOMEONE WHO HAS give me some advice? id appreciate it. a friends mom cleans for a living and she told her to tell me to get one becos one of her clients has one and she uses it and says its great. im going to use this one and see if its any good and if not ill take it back in a month and buy something different. also, if you know of a better vacuum (your opinion or someone elses) it would help. thnx

Brilliant cleaner the only drawback to me is the tube tends to break occasionally but it does happen in the guarantee time.

You want to strip your bed and then use the Dyson on the mattress, that will show you haw good it is.

Be prepared for a shock. I have two at the moment one for upstairs one for down.

Dyson Vacuum Commercial

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