Advice on Selecting Canister Sets for the Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen with very little cupboard space but have a large counter top it can be a good idea to invest in some canister sets as containers to store some of your dry foodstuffs.  For example, instead of using your valuable cupboard space to hold packets of tea, sugar and biscuits a good quality canister sets can be a good practical choice.  Colorful canister sets can also be used to effect when color co-ordinated with other features in the kitchen such as colors used in tiles, kitchen window valance or utensils.

Most home-ware sections in the large department stores sell canisters in sets of 3 or four.  However, before heading down to your local department store it is suggested you carry out some online research as to cost, style, design, shape and color of canister you intend to buy.   Nowadays you will find top of the range good quality canister sets are those made from glass, porcelain, stoneware or ceramic materials. If you are put off with the price tag on some of the up-market expensive canisters available then you may need to look at a cheaper product that can be just as functional but are made from materials such as plastic, wood or acrylic. 

When choosing canisters it is important to examine the type of lid or top that is being used to seal the canister as this will determine the longevity and freshness of your food.  The most effective type of lid I have found are those that have an in-built plastic seal around the rim as this will ensure an air-tight fit.

Another consideration is where you intend to place your canister set.  For example if you have your heart set on a trendy looking glass canister set you will need to consider the position of your counter top and whether they will be left exposed to the sun. Generally some types of foodstuffs can spoil if over exposed to sun and heat so you will therefore need to give this some consideration.

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