broom and dustpan

broom and dustpan
… The list is the new home purchase.

No one knows the list of good things to buy a new house or not. Not furtniture etc. But what do you really Until you actually need such as cleaning spray. n, soap, toilet paper, flyspray, sub, tank,. Dustpan and broom, etc etc?

Curtain – Definetely the curtain (do make sure that you can not see through them at night when lights on). – Lightbulbs – Toilet paper – soap, bath soap, sponges – Dish – Curtains – Vaccum – Broom – Mop – Bucket – Hammer – ล – tape measure calls for lawn mower – Garden Trashcans If you have grass and bags – and call support. surge – wash cabinet protected sheet, fabric softener and Bleaching – Baking Soda for Refrigerator – Bathmat. – Bath brush – Plunger, I hope this will help you get a good start!

Broom and Dust Pan

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