handheld vacuum cleaner

handheld vacuum cleaner
How can I remove odor from the mobile vacuum cleaner?

What smells like rotten garbage or something. … I do not know if you can, but gross. There anything I can do apart from changing the filter because I do not know if I will be changing the filter, they will not sell them. Wal – Mart and I just. But the next few months.

If it is flush with filter paper. Lysol and let dry. New carpet, then use the next time you vacuum. If the filter screen type hard plastic cup against the soft brush in Lysol detergent and water. Then let it dry. Do not put wet or damp filter in a vacuum. Rifle cleaning kit that works great for cleaning Airways or vacuum tube, when a piece of scrap, if and Spray Lysol.

I just love the thing! A Grreat handheld vacuum cleaner!

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