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consumer reports vacuum
Do Air Purifiers remove most dust from the room/house?

I have 3 cats and a black lab. I have to dust/vacuum ALL the time to keep up with it and I hate it. Was looking into buying a room air purifiers to help cut down on the dust, but wondered how much it would really help. Consumer rates a couple as very good at removing dust, but thought Id ask for some opinions. Thanks

In our house we have an electronic filter on the forced air furnace. My wife would have a repairman on his way here to fix it if she knew it wouldn’t work. The volume of dust inside of the house is reduced by more than 80% (our estimate) with the filter functioning properly.

How much a portable filter will do is up to the quality of that filter and how much of an area you expect it to do. If I were looking to buy one, I would want to know how large an area it would filter doing a good job. With your pets, you have a lot of pet dander and dust. You probably have more than the average home with the pets you have. That said, you need to assume that a portable filter unit will clear an area smaller than it is scheduled to cover, maybe 65% of that number.

Calculate the total number of square feet in your home or apartment. Look at air purifiers that would filter that total multiplied by 1.35 and you have an approximate idea of how much filtration you need for your place.

As summer comes on, you will have windows and doors open a lot, the pets will be coming and going which will also add to the load on the air filtration system. Be sure to clean the filters more often than the manufacturer’s recommendation. More so in summer than in winter due to open doors and windows.

One of the joys in having pets is to find ways to either compensate for the additional housework or to reduce it. You have to think about a lot of different aspects of pet ownership when you bring one into the house and into your heart. There are trade offs, you just have to think them through.

Good luck, you can do this.

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