vacume cleaner

vacume cleaner
help changeing vacume cleaner belt!!!?

hi i have a mophey richards goblin ace 1500w upright bagless vacume cleaner ( deep breath) model 73290.
i cant find any on line manuales any whre i would really really appricaite sum help or even better a link.

i just wanna change the belt (arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

I don’t know your model…but changing the belt on any vc is not hard once you find out how to open the darn thing and find where the belt is….Make sure you purchase the correct belt for the model you have….bring the numbers to the store…maybe the vc sales person could show you what to do….Most uprights have places underneath that you can unhook, or disengage to open the carriage and the belt will be in there….remove the broken one…try to keep everything in place to see how it fits….then put the new belt over the pulleys or wheels or spokes that are there for the purpose of driving the machine…..Unplug before attempting this!

Calypso and Vacuum Cleaner

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