tristar vacuum

tristar vacuum

Tristar Vacuum Delivers Cleaning A Bit Differently

With a history that spans more than 60 years, the Tristar vacuum company is not a newcomer on the cleaning scene. Manufacturing a variety of cleaning machines, this company delivers products many swear by. Still, many of its designs aren’t quite as well known as the competition.

The reason for the Tristar vacuum not being quite as well known doesn’t lie in a quality flaw, rather it’s because of its customer service preferences. Rather than depend on impersonal storefronts, department store set ups and unknowledgeable sales people, this company does things a little differently.

A Tristar vacuum can be purchased online in some cases, but one of the most common ways to come across one of these models is through an actual trained salesperson. The company uses its own sales force for a number of reasons. They include:

* Customer service. A customer is more likely to get straight information about a Tristar vacuum from a salesperson trained by the company than from a person who sells vacuums, televisions and tennis shoes in a department store.

* Product knowledge. A Tristar trained salesperson will simply be able to provide more product knowledge than someone only roughly familiar with the products. This makes it easier for customers to ask questions and salespeople to respond accurately, without guessing.

* Face-to-face service. Tristar vacuum salespeople deal directly with clients. This means they can show them the products, answer questions and even give demonstrations to ensure clients understand the ins and outs of any machine they decide to purchase. In short, the company tends to rely on old fashion, personalized selling rather than retail settings.

While Tristar isn’t exactly a household name in most circles, the product has been around for quite some time. The company makes a variety of cleaning machines. They include:

* Canister vacuums: Tristar makes several models of this type of home cleaning system. The typical Tristar vacuum comes with a variety of attachments to handle all types of cleaning situations. Some of the attachments include special cleaning heads, hoses and even an add on mini cleaner for furniture. These machines are noted for a number of different features that make them stand out to many buyers.

* Dry extraction systems: Tristar also creates carpet cleaning machines. These use a dry extraction method that doesn’t leave behind lots of water on the floors. These systems also come with a variety of attachments and are considered rather lightweight and quite simple to use. They are designed for cleaning just about any type of carpet going.

* Air filtration: Tristar not only handles floor cleaning, but air cleaning as well. The company has its own brand of HEPA filtration system for home or office use.

When face-to-face knowledgeable service is desired, a Tristar vacuum might be in order. While this company and its machines aren’t as well known as some of the other options on the market, the fact is the Tristar name is backed by more than 60 years experience in the industry.

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