panasonic vacuums

panasonic vacuums
what is the best vacuum out there to buy??

i just took a hammer to my panasonic aero spin vac, guess i need a new one. i have 4 kids two dogs and a cat noone with allergies just a lot of stuff to vacuum. please help i just got this vac in january and opt’d not to take the warranty seein as it was a nice average vac arrrrr

I have the Eureka Boss SmartVac, and it’s the best vacuum cleaner I’ve owned or used. It’s very reasonably priced and it does a great job. I have kids, pets, and a husband who works construction, and it gets up all their dirt/dust/hair/etc. There’s a switch to turn the beater bar off so you can use it on any type of flooring. The suction from the accessory hose is great. I bought it 4 years ago, because Consumer Reports rated it so high, higher than Dyson, and it still works great. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Panasonic Jet-Flo 240 (Vacuum)

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