A Duplex industrial sweeper is the answer to larger cleaning problems

An Industrial sweeper is, as the name implies, sweepers that are specially designed to sweep large industrial areas. Industrial waste is a unique type of debris and may contain broken pieces of glass, bits of wire, pieces of boulder, brick dust, saw dust, caked cement, and every conceivable cosmic junk. Ordinary vacuum cleaners are not designed to suck up such hard debris, but an industrial sweeper is a beauty that can sashay over all these rocky and metallic debris and suck them up. An Industrial sweeper may also be a walk behind sweeper or ride-on sweepers. As the name indicates, with a walk behind sweeper, the operator has to manually push the sweeper from behind.      

Some walk behind sweeper models can be driven with the help of a motor, instead of being pushed. Even then, it reserves the right to be referred to as walk behind sweeper, since the walking behind mechanism persists. The terminology is mainly used to differentiate it from the ride-on sweepers where the machine operator drives the sweeper, more or less like driving a motor vehicle, sitting in the space provided for it. Ride-on sweepers are more suitable for larger spaces whereas a walk behind sweeper can better manipulate smaller areas that may contain narrow spaces.

Most industrial sweepers have two brushes. Some have two front brushes while others have one front brush and a rotating side brush. The rotating side brush directs debris and dust into the cleaning path in front of the moving sweeper to effect better cleaning. An Industrial sweeper comes in a variety of sizes. There are smaller ones that clean 100 to 140 sq. ft of area in an hour, to those that clean 32000 sq. ft or more in an hour. Sometimes both big and small sweepers become necessary to clean larger factories or industrial areas. When areas are large, a larger industrial sweeper that can cover 30,000 sq. ft or more in an hour is necessary for finishing the work fast. At the same time, if the place contains narrow spaces or circular patches, a smaller unit becomes necessary to manipulate around such areas.

Since an industrial sweeper can have rear-mounted wheels, they can be comfortably dragged over staircases. Whether they are a walk behind sweeper or rider sweepers, most industrial sweepers these days are battery operated ones. As they are free of a trailing cord behind, these sweepers are better maneuverable and more efficient. Since an industrial sweeper these days includes several categories like parking lot sweepers and street sweepers, it is not possible to operate them by keeping them connected to power sources. The dual cleaning mechanism of an industrial sweeper, which directs the side debris to the front and thereby increases productivity, has made these machines quite popular. And because of the dust control mechanism inbuilt in a industrial sweeper, even those with dust allergy problems can use the machine without fear.

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Sweeping and cleaning a large area can be very problematic and time-consuming task without the aid of an industrial sweeper like a walk behind sweeper. Make your life easy with sweeping and cleaning solutions and equipment. Visit our site for details of cleaning equipment.


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