sweepers scrubbers

sweepers scrubbers
I got two tickets for parking in front of my house in a suburban residential neighborhood.?

We’re supposed to move our cars to the other side of the street once a month for the street sweeper, but he never comes. And when he does he’s two weeks late and just drives down the middle of the street which is filthy. He doesn’t suck the garbage up and take it to dump. He just runs the scrubbers and everything blows up onto the filthy sidewalks. I tried contesting the first ticket and lost and right after that forgot to move my car and got the second ticket. What do you think of that and is there anything that can be done to stop having filthy littered streets and tickets for parking in front of my own house?

Get involved in a Citizen’s Neigborhood group or start one and keep after the City Council, especially the representative from your area. I hope you vote but you have that right whether or not you do.

Mark the days you have to move your car on the calendar or put them in your Outlook reminders or even in reminders on your cell phone. Send yourself and e-greeting card telling you to move it and have it delivered that day.

Tennant’s T7 Sweeper/Scrubber Demo

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