suction cups

suction cups
Why can’t I make suction cups (to stick to windows or shower walls) work?

I’ve bought products that stick using suction cups–shower caddies that hang from the shower head, for example. I’ve never gotten the suction cups to work, they just come undone after a few minutes. (The caddy is supposed to stick to the wall.) I assume since these products are still in stores that they work for someone, so what am I doing wrong?
(On this latest one i followed the directions, clean surface, wet the suction cup, press firmly in the middle..)

it also depends on the surface. if it is a rough uneven surface they will not stick well. a nonporous surface is best like a pane of glass, or a smooth glossy ceramic tile that is larger than the surface of the suction cup. …… it will not stick to grout lines

if that’s not the case then you may have a defective suction cup or it may have been made in china

Suction Cup Video

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