street sweeper machine

street sweeper machine
Street cleaner sucks up and kills dog??

Did anybody else hear about this street cleaning machine that killed this guys dog in NYC? Read here:

I watched a video on this and the commissioner of the Department of Sanitation says the driver is not at fault and will not be punished and there is nothing that they can do. He says they would handle the case the same way if it were a child, which is total b.s. I think this is a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to this poor guy…..Can I please hear everyone else’s feedback?
If you look at other articles on the story, the dog WAS on a leash. It sucked the dog right out of her leash and collar while he was trying to get both the dogs into his car.
It just doesn’t make that very clear in this article I guess b/c it just say he “was left holding Ginger’s leash.”

How can this guy say the driver was not at fault when witnesses clearly saw him coming down the street faster than normal? Not only that he had headphones on. This is beyond belief and all this poor owner gets is a half hearted apology.

Bass: the dog were not running behind the owner he was getting ready to put them in the car when the street sweeper came by and sucked the female up. If the driver had been paying attention he would have pulled away from the curb. I have seen street sweepers go around cars and everything else in their way before this guy was reckless end of story.


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