street sweeper brushes

street sweeper brushes
Basil Brush is a new king of England?

It was just a rumor. But I hope it is true. We will all be saved if ordered from basil, England 100% green energy, a good football team. New Engalnd and brush street sweepers for everyone in the country. In addition, many participants did not park our cars will be replaced with cleaner streets,. Better use of tax payers. So is it true basil is our new King. Hail King Brush, Basil is our Savior. :).

Yes, it is true. But it should be a top secret until his coronation. Now you and the cat disappeared. (Sorry Fox) out of the bag. I think we can look forward to glory and a new era. Basil rules.

Vintage Marx Tidy Tim Street Sweeper Tin Wind-up Toy

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