sanitaire vacuum

sanitaire vacuum
why my vacuum always breaking belt??

my vacuum had no suction except thru hose. hubby checked it and the belt was broken so we bought another. however after replacing the belt as soon as we turned the vacuum on the belt broke and we had this horrible burning rubber smell. why did the brand new belt break so fast? is something else maybe wrong with the vac? its a commercial sanitaire hepa….

The beater bar probably has hair or carpet fiber wrapped around the ends. the answer to make sure the bar is not backards is also correct. The belt is offset to one side on the bar. I ahd a janitorial service for 20 yr. and was a Sanitaire dealer in my janitorial supply. The are one of the best uprights. Also look at the drive pully for hair/ fiber. That will alloe the belt to slip there as well.

Sanitaire 677 D vacuum

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