riccar vacuum

riccar vacuum
Looking to get a new Vacuum. Dyson, Riccar?

We are thinking about spending 500 for a good Vacuum. I have read reviews on some Dyson’s but not that many on Riccars or Simplicity Vacuums. Can you recommend a good one and is there a place that you can test out the Dysons?

I’ve owned a vacuum cleaner sales and repair store for 15yrs. and studied vac technology for 25yrs.My vac friends”other store owners”and I get together every 3months or so and test the new “vacuums”that come out,and test them we do.I believe in about 3% of what consumer reports say,they don’t put them through good enough test before they “judge”.But anyway the dyson is the most effective design to date.And besides the great cyclone power,the only cost to own it is a $29 brush roller every 5yrs.no bags ,no filters, and no belts to have to buy.My advice,unless you need all the tools that are with the $549 dyson animal,to save money get the base model,same tech.,same power.Besides you can allways get the tools later on www.dyson.com.hope this helps.

Riccar Vacuum Commercial – Boy in Car

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