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combining carpet cleaning shampoos: Quick Fire by Power-Flite and Extractor Shampoo with Zonyl?

Hi, in order to increase cost effectiveness for my business, I would like to combine two shampoos, but I wanted to make sure no reactions would occur when combining. Here are the main chemical ingredients of the two:

Quick Fire: http://www.powr-flite.com/istore/msds/quickfire.pdf

nonionic surfectant
citric acid
sodium hydroxide
glycol ether DPM

Extractor Shampoo with Zonyl

EDTA, diethylene glycol
butyl ether
amphoteric surfectant

Depending on the relative concentrations of these ingredients, I’d expect either no reaction, or the precipitation of some kind. I’d try mixing two samples of these shampoos together in roughly the same ratio you plan to use in your carpet cleaner. See if anything weird happens after 10 hours or so, such as the formation of a fine solid, big clots, or the formation of two layers of fluid. Then, if that test goes well (i.e. nothing happens), add water to your mixture to dilute the shampoo by roughly as much as it will be diluted in the cleaner. Again, watch and observe. If you don’t see any separation or clotting, you’re probably OK to use the mix.

I seriously doubt there will be any kind of violent chemical reaction, but something may happen that will reduce the effectiveness of your cleaner or your service.

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