outdoor broom

outdoor broom
I’m trying to plan an outdoor Halloween party for 10 – 12 yr. olds.?

The party will be in our front yard and driveway. The garage will be closed. We have a little bit of a hill off to the side yard. Some gating that leads onto small deck w/ table & chairs and front door. Also has a bakers rack on there for plants. I have some decor for outside but need some ideas. I already have a few cauldrons, 3 small witch’s brooms and 2 lighted pumpkins. Also a scarecrow w/ a pumpkin head. Any ideas of how set things up or what else to do as far as decor ? I’d thought about a grave yard on the hilly part. I just want it to look good and fun. Been a long time since I planned a party, my other girls are older now. Thank you.

One thing that’s always fun is when the host(ess) dresses up. Sure it’s for 10 and 12 year olds, but it shows that you’re there to have fun and it’ll have a good influence on them.

Another idea: you can buy cotton that simulates a spider’s web and I’m sure you could find giant spiders, like one foot long, in a decoration store. You could use anything to put the cotton on, it sticks well to brick if you have a brick house. That’s just a fun little thing that’s spooky but not horrific for the little ones.

On the front gate you could put a sign saying “Beware: Fear Awaits You” or something on it if you have your front deck decorated. Just something like a warning sign is what I’m trying to say. And for that, you can make it yourself so you can have it say what you want it to say and save a few bucks on the way. Just cheap-o paint and cardboard (or whatever you’d like to paint it on)

Also, you can buy haloween themed pinatas which might be fun for them.

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