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An Improved Re-useable Microfibre Mop for Both Wet and Dry Household Cleaning

A new mop has recently been introduced which utilizes revolutionary microfiber technology to maximize your cleaning power. Unlike other leading brands of sweeper mops, the Moose River sweeper utilizes re-useable and machine-washable cloth. Disposable wet cloths (with their scrubbing strips) are generally not as effective as the Moose River microfiber fabric. And not only do the disposables generate a lot of waste, but they also cost you a significant amount of money.

LEADING BRAND: $10 purchase + $30 for dry cloth refills (1 year) + $30 for wet cloth refills (1 year)

= $70 / 1 year


= $45.41 / 5 years!!!!!!!!

The benefits of the new Moose River re-useable mop include:

  • New microfiber mophead fabric guaranteed to cut through any scuff mark, crayon mark, dust, or streak.

  • Mophead has twice the cleaning area of standard mops. (15″ x 3.5″)
    360 degree swivel joint allows for access to hard-to-reach areas.

  • Adjustable and lockable handle (30″ to 60″) which can extend to a length that is longer than the standard 45″ mop

  • Microfiber mop heads can handle both wet and dry cleaning.

  • Completely re-useable; no need to dispose of your mop heads.

The mop is constructed from Moose River’s new micro fiber material, which is a revolutionary product which comprises billions of tiny loops and hooks which helps to dig into the grime and maximize your cleaning power. Thus, the mop is equally-effective both for wet and dry washing, without the use of any chemicals!

Dry Use

When it’s dry, the microfiber mop completely takes the place of all those anti-static sweepers that are so heavily advertised. The problem with the anti-static sweepers is that your hard-earned money goes directly into the garbage. This Micro Fibre mop is not only machine washable, but it is also a dust magnet that’s absolutely fantastic for
dry sweeping
. The dust mop can not only pick up dust, but also dog and cat hair. The handle on the Micro Fibre mop is completely adjustable (ranging from 30″ to 60″) so that it can get under all the beds and pick up all that dog hair and those dust bunnies. You’ll have no problems getting underneath the stove, or into any tight corners to get all the fuzz, fluff and other stuff you normally have to sweep before you mop. It’s great for houses will a lot of tables and chairs because you can go in between the legs without having to move the chairs out from the table.

The Micro Fibre head of the mop is held on by Velcro; when you’re finished, just peel the dust magnet off, throw it on your front steps or out on your balcony and give it a shake. That breaks the static electrical charge and cleans it so you can sweep the floors again, another day. You don’t have to wash your broom every time you use it – you don’t have to wash this every time you use it. Wash it in your laundry ocassionally, and it’ll last for years.

Wet Use

Scuff marks and crayon marks are just a couple of really tough cleaning problems in anyone’s house, whether you have ceramic tiles or laminate flooring. After a dry mopping, you can prepare the mophead for wet mopping. All you have to do is to run it under the tap in the kitchen sink until it’s soaking wet with hot or warm water, and squeeze out about half of the water out. If you’ve ever used a sponge mop you know that they leave streaks. Micro Fibre cleaning is different. The loops and hooks on the surface of the Micro Fibre cloth literally grab onto the edges of the scuff mark.

All this mop for such a low price?

The Moose River mop package comes complete with:

  • Mop Extendible Pull Handle (with locking mechanism),

  • Plastic Base with Velcro attachment,

  • 2 Wet Mop Heads, and

  • 1 Dry mop head.

All this is yours for under $50! Since, on average, this mop can be used for up to 5 years, you will be saving money for years to come. For more information about Moose River’s microfiber mop, go to

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