lightweight vacuum cleaner

lightweight vacuum cleaner
I need a cheap vaccum cleaner in the $50-$80 range.?

I want to purchase a good, cheap secondary vacuum cleaner while my primary one is being repaired. I need something lightweight but not one of those stick models. Any recommendations?

In this price range I like the bissel cleanview II. It is bagless with an easily washable foam prefilter. This helps extend the replacement intravel for the paper filter (14.99). How often you have to buy one varies widely based on how often and what you vaccum. Every six months is reasonable for cleaning a couple times a week. It also has a separate HEPA filter on the exhaust for best air quality. These things are sturdy and easy to take apart to get at clogs in the ducting. I saw it at best buy yesterday for $84.

Hoover C1404 Commercial Elite Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

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