kirby vacuum cleaners

kirby vacuum cleaners
Are Kirby vacuum cleaners really as good as they say they are?

I had a demonstration once and the Kirby vacumm did seem to be sucking the dirt up from not only the rugs but also under the floorboards! I was amazed to say the least. But I’d like to know what the owners of them think. Tell me all about the good and bad sides of this vacuum. Thanks 🙂

From Consumer’s Reports:

Surprisingly — given this vacuum’s dismal door-to-door reputation — Consumer Reports includes the Kirby Sentria in its latest roundup of vacuum cleaners, in which models are tested for their performance on carpeting and hard floors. This is fair enough, but a quick look at some other sources, including Yahoo! Answers and The Ripoff Report, sheds some much-needed light on Kirby’s operating procedures.

Reviewers say the Kirby Sentria is good at cleaning carpeting and hard floors — as you’d expect from a $1,000-plus vacuum. But reviewers also say that it’s noisy, heavy and hard to push. Other vacuums are smaller, lighter and less expensive, plus they clean every bit as well. Salespeople cite Kirby’s flexibility cleaning upholstery and curtains, but some owners complain that the heavy 25-pound weight limits its usefulness.

Kirby Sentria review highlights

What the reviewers like:
The Kirby Sentria vacuum does a good job cleaning carpeting and hard floors, and it has useful tools and minimal emissions.

What the reviewers don’t like:
Considering its price, reviews say the Kirby Sentria is unusually noisy, heavy and hard to push. Furthermore, experts and owners alike frown on Kirby’s high-pressure, door-to-door sales tactics.

Kirby owners are loyal. But then so are Electrolux and Miele owners. You need to do some serious reading…and may actually have to join Consumer’s Report via web (you can do it by the month…I just did for a dryer) for more reading.

Kirby Legend II vacuum cleaner – 1989-90

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