kirby vacuum cleaner

kirby vacuum cleaner
Do Kirby vacuum cleaners really live up to the hype?

Have any of you had a newer Kirby vacuum cleaner (the one the representatives say cleans all the way to the bare floor) and could you compare it’s performance to other “store” brands? I’m not really interested in value (I know they are terribly expensive) but want to know if they really do clean as advertised. I moved into a new house with some dirty carpets and a friend of mine offered to let me borrow her Kirby vacuum cleaner with built in carpet shampooer and I want to know how well it will clean. Is the shampooer equal to one I could rent at Wal-Mart or another store? Thanks for the help!

They are a good vacuum cleaner, but if a sales person does the test with the white filter and runs it over your carpet to show how much more the Kirby will pick up, you could put a white filter on your sweepe and still pick up dirt reguardless of what kind of sweeper it is. Kirby does hold up well and the belts are fairly easy to change, but I’m sure you can find other brands that are alot cheaper that will also do a good job. I have four pets, two great danes and two dachshuncs and I have a Phantom Thunder that does a good job. I have also heard that Dyson is a great vac too and I think that if my Phantom ever wears out that is what I will get….I like to use the rug doctor to shampoo carpets with as they do a great job and the carpets dry quickly. You could probably purchas a rug doctor on line and buy a Dyson and still be ahead cash wise as rug doctor sells refurbished shampooers on line….good luck with your choice…..

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