kirby vacuum bags

kirby vacuum bags
Vacuums…Bag or Bagless?

What type of vacuum do you own? I have a Kirby and I really want to replace it but not sure if I should yet and asked a question about it below if you could lend your opinion.;_ylt=Ar8BU9Cq0xcWa_MLCMdmFhDsy6IX?qid=20070701092432AAA4Jcp


The Dyson DC 17 is the nicest bagless upright around and will handle your carpets and pet hair with no problem. It will pick up just about everything. Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew has a great deal on the DC 17. I mean a really really good deal. If you purchase a Dyson DC 17 All Floors from them for only $499.99 (only available on phone special, not the internet) you will receive a Mini Turbine Tool ($69.99 value), a Flexi Crevice Tool ($29.99 value), a Soft Dusting Brush ($29.99 value), a Mattress Tool ($29.99 value), a Multi Angle Brush ($34.99 value) and a Low Reach Tool ($49.99 value) FREE! That is a $244.94 Value. And they do get that kind of money for those pieces. You get everything the Animal gives you plus the Soft Dusting Brush, a Mattress Tool, a Multi Angle Brush and a Flexi Crevice Tool. (the Animal and All Floors are the same machine just one is yellow and one is purple, the difference is the tools they come with). The only thing you don’t get is the Zorb (which almost no one uses anyway). Plus you get for All Floors with all the tools for $50 LESS! I just bought one two days ago because it was such a great deal. They are just getting them in so it will be like three days before they get it in and ship it out. I highly recommend getting this deal and this vacuum. The vacuum is great and the deal is even better. Here is their number (remember you have to call it in in order to get it, they can’t list it on the internet) (If you want to see all the features of the machine just go on and look at the Dyson DC17 Animal and imagine it in a yellow color, then subtract the Zorb and add all the extra tools the package comes with, go on to see them all):


Tell Lisa and Joe, Kevin told you about it! 🙂


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