kirby vacuum

kirby vacuum

Center Kirby.

What we do

Kirby Service Center of St Paul, Minnesota is around 30 years. We are trying. It is best to repair a vacuum cleaner. Kirby your

  • Boat convenient service to your door.
  • High quality with reasonable price.
  • Repair any vacuum Kirby.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our business.

Hello and welcome to our shop. . We are committed to satisfaction. 100% for our customers. We offer the best prices and quality along with our excellent service. We have vacuums Kirby Genuine, parts and equipment cleaning.

Information Vacuum Kirby.

Kirby Company has dedicated itself to. years perfecting Kirby and make continuous improvement in the design and operation of . Add TechDrive Variable Power Assist allows easy vacuumning close Patent bag system, rated HEPA 11, filtered over 99% of the particles are small. 3 microns including household allergens. .'s Basic power unit strength up. Fan design with assistance from NASA. These and other improvements. Other building systems that Kirby is the best investment. homeowner can make families and their homes.

Kirby Center also repair your vacuum Bee variation for

  • Factory trained personal.

    Kirby Service Center, we have two full factory Engineering Training to help you. Kirby Vacuum all needs.

  • Repair.

    Kirby Center efforts. Wait for your time as short as possible. . In many cases your computer will be repaired while you wait. . In other cases, the work is very important to do your Machine will be ready in a few days.

    Kirby Service Center, we know that it's important for you to have Kirby's you have to clean every day.

    REMEMBER: Kirby's part of the repair so you can not throw it away when can edit!


Monday through Friday. : 8:30 to 6:00.

Saturday: 8:30 to 4:00.

Sunday Closed

35E and Roselawn is located outside the St Paul East Business Center. . Parking is convenient and easy to access.

For more information please log on our website.

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