industrial vacuum cleaners

industrial vacuum cleaners
what is the best way to clean hardwood floors?

we are tearing up the carpet and refinishing the natural oak floors in our new home and since i have only ever had carpet i need to know the best way to clean the floors because i am a neat freak lol…i would like to go with some sort of vaccum because i am afraid a broom with scratch the floors, doesnt swifer make a small vaccum? would that work? also i know you cannot mop them so how do you actually clean/disinfect a hardwood floor?

I would use a shop vac to vacuum up whatever the carpet left. Then I’d dust it with a microfiber dust mop. There are various cleaners for hardwood floors. I do not like the oil soap ones. Lowes and Sams sell some industrial hardwood floor cleaners–I’d mop the floors using one of those following directions. Then I’d use the Orange Glo Every Day Floor Cleaner and mop that you can buy at Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, etc.

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