industrial floor scrubber

industrial floor scrubber
We are sealing our basement floor (after acid staining) and the sealer left a bubbly finish. How 2 smoothe?

We have an industrial size low speed floor scrubber,polisher and are using a white “Polishing” pad- but the bumps are not going away. We tried “wet sanding” with a piece of 1200 grit, seems to help. HELP!

In whatever suggestions you get, it sounds obvious to me that the “SEALER” was either “agitated” to excess, before the application, or the method of application caused the issue. There may have also been some issues in residue left behind, or moisture.

1200 grit must feel like clean glass. I can’t imagine that being effective at all? I do suspect sanding is the way to go, but with a bit heavier grit, such as is used in auto body shops.

Just my two “sense”

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