horse hair broom

horse hair broom

And to trace the key planet

All planets are countless features that one would need to recognize lt may be said that these properties do not astronomy. Or physical. They are deep in importance.

Sun: solar energy systems center.
In [other features. Other] forced Sun

Copper Brass Father of the Golden Heart. [Power] what auspicious organs gave life reputation. The brave king victory.

Minister of Government and Government Services virtual Participation mountain activities. Greshma public or summer in a forest god. Siva Homas Yagnas doctors and staff at Tiger Temple sacrifice. Deer and geese roaming eye patronage. Head stone disease.

Ruby River bank capture enemy thick yellow line is an enemy that does not anger easily cool large buildings and apartments.

Sunday will be explained in a bearish mood thinning sparse eye lashes. – Dark red hair and eyebrows dyed red eye color. clad in red clothing, and bone strength to strength with his exasperation. Big arms.

Shiva temple area open courtyards to dry very gently. No water and quarter him. haunts east of the sun

MOON Controller: of Mind.
In other matters [other features. Other] forced Moon.

Marine Welfare mind her mother took a bath. varsha or intense indoor fan flower soft. Maize milk taste sweet pearl silver metallic fabric bell fountain drain port female cattle food, good health and beauty. washermen, farm fish, rabbits,. Antelope, crab, quail

Moon has a large and beautiful body. She is fairly lean with cute gleaming eyes]. [Brown or blue light and fine But I am certain she rules her blood Twitter wearing white and she has delicate skin fresh clear air and mucus, and light in mood.

Moon also rules intelligence. People fall proportion Fort sour Brahmins spleen epilepsy salt consumption typhoid cane belt short curds wheat bright face travel perfume royal gala marks snake foreign Crystalline and delicate texture of fabric products. Utensils, cutting and crockery

abods moon is the place to worship the goddess of women. Parvati was the place where the water tank toilettes. Kitchen and plant masses and where alcohol is stored in the factory she rules the northwest.

Intervals of 48 minutes app shift [from one another in check about 2 ½ to 3 days].

Mars: Commander – in – chief
In another
Other (Properties, etc.) Mars force .

Strong, brave, momento, brother. Products from the earth. cruelity and hatred, power, kitchen,. Gold, relatives, armed theft, physical strength and stamina. Falsehood, oven, bakery, killing. Order – in the head, arms, holders. – Smith gold, ram, chicken, monkey jackal buzzard

Mars shows loss virtility (special on the exhaust of combustion). Red wine, enemies Horn, quadruped. Stupid, anger, hot travel abroad. Service under the king (government). Car equipment, tin, weapons such as swords. Spears, lances, knives, guns, young, hot

Parliament. – Libel gossip and eat meat. Greeshma or Summer, Prom, forester, haeadman Housing fraud. Dried shrimp, the ability to shoot arrows. Samaveda, iron, independent of Wildlife Management. Naturally assertive, haemorrage, Wiriya, strung dried blood car seized. Coral, laboratory

Mars described as well – created with some Lustruous waist and curly hair, eyes serious. However, looking younger and brighter. In his irascible, emotional and cruel. Him in the red suits and red skin. He is a generous center.

Mars Fire frequents hidden outs of theft or boor war zone with mines and southern lights. He came under God, and God. Subramanya Hanuman.

Mercury: the world of wings.
In other (property). Mercury care.

Learn to Speak the speech skills. Artistic, religious mother, uncle all ritual sacrifice intellectual pursuits with Vishnu. Narayana disciples, true, oyster. Place leisure skills. Electricity and electronics.

Scientific Instruments. Stationery, pens and writing articles. relations, friends, humar, School, children's sister. cowherd, Graduate, Accounting, Engineering, Garuda, parrot. Cat, horse Gallery mathematical writing. brahin, Sudra, infantry

Bungalow large green sculpture astrology. Measurement philosophy Vedanta, eyes and relationships with parents. Eunuch, emerald, children, renunciation

Hemanta (Winter), navel, proficiency in the language. Veda Atharvana, reproductive organs. impartialitity. Skills testing and judging Stone. Prayer, Wittayakhom, spells, tennis court – Attorney's administration. Treasury.

Mercury also skin care and green grass color Mercury, a thorough and all 3 humours of phlegm, bile and wind lines and a distinctive red eye length. Green clothes say Mercury. amicabaly.

Mercury found in places such as schools of learning. Colleges, libraries, Sri Vishnu Temple. Place leisure and in the north. — Represent.

Jupiter: Intelligence and wisdom of the world.
In other matters (other features. Other) Jupiter force.

Knowledge, morality, progency advisors and Ministers. Action, knowledge, magnamimity,. learnig the Vedas, Sastras, Smritis religion and mythology.

Properity and many In every respect for the elderly is suffering and devotion to God and wise in the treasury of the organ of meaning and win her husband's welfare. renunciate important religious person. And the head monk. pigeon, swan, horse of the ordained duties. Cars, cows, savings.

Philosophy Meemamsha, astrology, to the, and his great grandfather. To his brother, mansion, winter. Thigh, or neighboring countries royal honors in oratorical ability fat holy water rises majestically. Honey, oil, silk.

An on wide Chest, Jupiter is yellow eyes and brown hair. He is powerful and clear sound. He is intelligent and sluggish. intreseted money (wealth accumulation).

He was found near the bank treasuries. aswatha or tree peepal, Bot, Wat. Residential and religious in the north – East Hemanta or Winter field of justice and Wardrobe

Venus: The Happiness of the world.
In other matters (other features. Other) Venus force.

Auto Wealth,, estate jewelry, clothing, music, dance, dance, music tools music tool wife. Happiness, smells, flowers, romance, ove, I released sexual poetry Sports and recreation, sensory.

Consultant Advisor to speak charm. Wedding Festival, stores, merchants, dancers. Musicians, women, vaisya, peacocks. Buffalo parrot, bull, diamond silver middle age.

Veena, lute. Flute and other instruments. Other work when the girls sperm. In fact, stage and screen, the ability to make love. Dance

Goddess Parvati or Lakshmi, emaciation even during day time, genital jewelry.
Venus was created good and beautiful high limb proportions. Venus has thick black curly hair and large eyes be wide Wear color. Habit is a combination of mucus and air.

Venus was in the harem of the cinema Cinema hotel house sell a quarter of women. dacing dormitories and bedrooms in the Southeast. Venus also rules vasanta or spring

Saturn: Planet of Destiny.
Among other features. Other forces Saturn.

Long life. Evolutionary fate fear loss. Disease, poverty, labor and laborers, working with their pure sin. Honesty and loyality, servitude. Liabilities, fetters, iron, broom, dusters.

Agricultural operations, the captives home. prisons, manager oil, black, hunter, smith black, Chang,. Check, the caste servant girl, La, La,. Look good, the lowest caste lack wild bird life. N. moral.

Winter. Child birth is one smart woman lonely. Sudra, Vaisya, father, blankets, relatives, the oil disaster boat you know goats. Buffalo liking the sexual pleasure of God's servants. Yama, supernatural, sodium. Steel, Sapphire.

Saturn is high lean stooping important to bones and teeth. Coarse and thick, bushy hair.
Rahu, carries characteristics of Saturn

Ketu: Dragons of high
Between Other features force Ketu.

Doctor, dogs, chickens, salvation, wealth, property. Pain, grief, allergies. dips, in withcraft riversm fear and black magic.

The science of the mind. Quiet, elegant, luck, the problem of poor eating habits, enemies. Indifferent

Hunger pain. skin eruptions spiritual sadhana, worship of Lord Shiva and Ganesha. Sudra, courting arrest.

Ketu is found in the mountains. – Ant, wells, tunnels and in the darkness Ketu is similar to Mars

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