hoover windtunnel vacuum cleaner

hoover windtunnel vacuum cleaner
Stinky vacuum filter…what to do?

I have a bagless, hoover windtunnel, canister vacuum. I have cleaned out the filter with water and let it dry, and now whenever I vacuum it smells terrible. I tried cleaning the filter again, sprayed it with lysol and it didn’t make a difference. It says on the manual not to clean the filter with any soaps or detergents, but just now I did use a squirt of dish soap and cleaned it again. aside from getting a new filter, what should I do? It takes a few days for the filter to dry completely , which is a real pain if I need to use the vacuum in the meantime.

It is not a burnt rubber smell or anything like that. It is definitely not coming from the motor or the belt. It smells like garbage.

Ok go out and buy yourself some
Arm and Hammer Carpet Freshener (Its in powder form) It comes in scents like mountain rain and spring flowers and sprinkle as much as you want on your floor then vacuum it up. Everytime you run the vacuum it will smell like the powder. Do this as much as you like to freshen it up.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Vacuum Cleaner

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