hoover vacuum filters

hoover vacuum filters
What will dissolve gunk in Swimming pool drain?

I finally managed to drag out some objects that were clogging my pool drain. But now I can’t get the water to clear up because there is a big ball of gunk that is hoovering all around and in the drain.
It took hours for me to drag this thing up to the shallow end where I tried to suck it out with a sump pump. It will not pump or vacuum up. It has a light-geletin texture so there is no way to scoop it up.
I think it must be DISSOLVED but I have no idea what to use.

P.S. It appears to be a conglomerate of suntan oil/filter powder/leaves, etc.

Generally, the only thing that will ‘dissolve’ something like this will be a caustic agent – something like ‘drano’ or ‘bam’ – but given that this is in your swimming pool, i probably wouldn’t advise using these agents – you can scoop it out with a strainer, (kitchen strainer or pool size one or otherwise) or something similar? Other wise you can get someone to come with a drain cleaner machine which will basically ‘chop up’ the blockage using a rotating metal spiral and blade arrangement – the other option is to boost your chlorine levels for a while and hope that it takes care of it, because chlorine is in itself, a caustic agent.

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