hoover vacuum cleaner parts

hoover vacuum cleaner parts
Advice on a good vacuum for a pet home. ?

I need to know what is a really good vacuum for picking up dog hair off of carpets. I bought a Bissell in February,,it worked great for 1 week. Then I caught a shoelace in the roller/beater brush, then had to get a new beater brush from the company. Since then, it has not worked for even just regular cleaning let alone the dog hair. I have 2 cocker spaniels, that I groom every week, but there is still some hair on the carpets, and I am tired of having to clean the brush after doing only 1/2 a room! The hair sticks on the brush and does not go into the canister at all, so I have to pull it off the brushes after only doing a small part of the carpet. My OLD Hoover worked better than the new ones out now,,but they don’t make them like the old Hoover anymore 🙁 I have both high plush carpets, and some low indoor/outdoor type. I am very discouraged,,thought Bissell was suppose to be a good one. Any help would be appreciated. Please, no stupid remarks. I have no time for them. Thanks.

I have a Kirby G5 and it works beautifully. It is about 12 years old now and still going strong. I have replaced the brush roll one time. They have started making a roller brush specifically for pet hair (I haven’t tried it yet).
They do cost a little but are well worth it. If you have to spend a couple hundred bucks every couple years you will end up paying more than if you just spent the money up front and got a Kirby that will last a very, very long time. You can also find them on ebay pretty reasonably priced.
http://www.totalvac.com/ this is the site where I get my parts and accessories. They’re pretty good and reasonably priced as well.

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